THINK ABOUT IT-Educational DVD for Parents/Carers

Drug Abuse, Drug Addiction

You can never have too much help when it comes to difficult situations and subjects such as - smoking, alcohol, drugs and sex and - YOUR teenager.

Realiteen have carefully produced a DVD in an attempt to ease this problem.

This DVD is to bring awareness to parents and teenagers regarding these issues in order to prevent them and help children say NO!

We encourage parents to show this DVD to their children in order to open the doors for communication and questions concerning these awkward topics as we believe that 'talking to your child is KEY'. Our aim is to assist in PREVENTING certain problems occurring in our children’s lives instead of waiting and then having to deal with the huge task of CURING them!

Our DVD - 'THINK ABOUT IT’ includes-some 'tell tale' signs' incase you think that your child is dabbling in drugs, images of certain drugs that are currently on offer to our children and their street names. Certain scenarios are regarding teenage sex and peer pressure and also the dangers of alcohol, with some of the not so delightful ingredients in cigarettes and so much more!!!!

Realiteen hopes to help as many relating causes as possible, such as - babies who are born addicted to drugs, certain mental health patients, drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres, cancer organisations and charities and also teenage parents.

A percentage of our profits will go towards these causes.

Thank you in advance for your support and best of luck in health and happiness for yourselves, your children and your futures.

To request free leaflets to hand out to parents, to put in waiting rooms or for any other reasons. Please email us at:

To enable us to credit £2.50 for each DVD sold via your school PTA, please complete the box below.

A further £2.50 will go towards relating causes.

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A percentage of any profits will go towards relating causes such as babies who are born addicted to drugs.

Think about it DVD
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