Teenage - drugs, alcohol, sex and smoking.

Realiteen stands for - reality of teenage lives.

Realiteen have produced an educational DVD for parents of teenagers in particular.

We named the DVD -THINK ABOUT IT.... as that is exactly our aim - to make people think about and bring awareness to these taboo and sometimes ignored subjects and to give parents confidence to approach their children regarding these issues.

As a parent we sometimes tend to ignore certain issues in the hope that schools will educate our children enough to make the the right choices in life.

This is clearly not the right thing to do, as there are still so many problems in our country with these four issues in particular.

Parents opinions are conscious and subconsciously important to children as they grow up, so therefore it is best that parents share their opinions with their children; especially on these topics instead of never mentioning them and hoping for the best.

The DVD aims to give further education to parents on four particular topics which are:

  • • smoking/cigarettes
  • • drinking alcohol
  • • taking drugs
  • • having sex

Smoking - "my daughter didn't know smoking gives you cellulite! That on its own has stopped her from wanting to smoke."

Alcohol -"every time I drink now, I'm more aware of what I am doing as perhaps I've been embarrassing in the past- I will tell this to my son when he is old enough to drink."

Drugs - "I am very aware that kids are at risk of taking drugs but if I'm honest I'm not very up to date with the current drugs on offer so I haven't yet approached my kids. This DVD has given me this info & some helpful websites to be able to talk to them."

Sex - "this is so difficult to talk about with your kids so I just gave the DVD to my son & asked what he thought about it. I now feel more confident that he won't do anything stupid!"

You can show this DVD to your child/teenager and simply ask their opinions on the issues mentioned; as this is a great way to initially open up that awkward communication barrier.

We at Realiteen strongly believe that these are the four most likely issues for teenagers to come across during or possibly even before their teenage years.

The DVD consists of a short film showing ten teenagers who find themselves in these situations and also shows the reality of what can and does sometimes occur during and after.

We wanted to make parents realise that sometimes situations occur without any warning, even if their teenager doesn't seem to be interested in any of the above - it is possible for teenagers to sometimes find themselves involved without even realising it!

We believe that for parents, carers or family members talking to teenagers about these topics is KEY to having the best possible prevention in place - as pretending that these issues don't exist simply doesn't help anybody.
Our DVD then splits into four different sections - alcohol, sex, smoking and drugs and gives further information explaining many of the risks, dangers and side effects of each.

It also includes some helpful, interesting and informative websites for parents to look on for further information.

Teenager pregnaciesWe recommend that parents show their teenagers this DVD in order to open the communication barriers between themselves and to discuss the topics mentioned. We aim for this DVD to make parents fully aware that no child is 100% safe from any of the issues in the DVD and for teenagers to realise the real possible consequences of their actions and to give them the confidence to simply say 'NO' when need be.

The DVD contains questions that parents can ask their teenagers and questions that teenagers should be asking themselves and to make people THINK ABOUT IT....

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