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Parents help in teenage addiction

After experiencing severe problems during my teenage years due to initially just dabbling with these issues, my parents have always said they wish they had have spoken to me about these things BEFORE I ever began dabbling.

They say that the problem was that they had no up to date information or knowledge on these issues, especially drugs and therefore they had no confidence to approach me regarding these things.

They suppose and thought that my school would educate me enough to help me make the right choices and teach me just to say "NO".

Teenage smoking addictionThis wasn't the case - I learnt what was taught in school but didn't have a real opinion, as I wasn't aware of my parents opinions as they never mentioned any of the above; so I wasn't really sure what was right and wrong or any reasons why. This resulted in me almost losing my life on a few occasions and also having to go through very negative experiences during my teenage years.

My parents also say that a part of them was in denial that I could ever get involved with any of these things as I had such a healthy upbringing and also because they just weren't aware of the fact that these things were really happening anywhere near our house, especially to teenagers!

I could go on and on but my point is that since I have managed to get my life back on track (an extremely long winded difficult task!) I have always thought that my story was quite rare but have been horrified at noticing that actually it is all so common!!!

Drugs abuse and addiction I am constantly hearing about the pregnant teenager or that teenage dad, hearing about dangerous things that kids are doing when they're drunk, that person who died from drugs and not to mention those teenagers I see smoking on a daily basis- in their school uniforms.

There is clearly still such a huge problem with these issues and I have discovered how many parents still don't speak to their kids about these problems due to all of the above reasons, but it seems that the ones who do talk to them are the children who don't seem to get into these troubles, as they know how and why to say no because their parents have drummed it into them and have given their kids the best chance of preventing these problems!

Please use this DVD to help you as a parent/carer to approach your children about these issues and if you feel it will benefit your child, Addiction to drugsyou can just give it to them to watch as it is aimed at both parents and children. You can just ask their opinions on these issues and before you know it; those awkward communication barriers are open and you can really begin to talk and get the prevention plan in place.

Please don't leave the educating all down to your child's school and don't leave the "talks" too late.


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